27/1/12 Sadly large parts of this website’s contents are out of date. I last put serious work into it about 2006. Occasionally I am thinking of things to add however

Who Am I?

I am a 44 year old hypnotherapist and father of two Daughters
Abbie and Zoe. I live in Braintree, Essex, England with my wife Maria and her two children Liam and Becky. Braintree is about 45 miles North East of London.

Abbie and Zoe my daughters.

Liam and Becky, Maria’s Son and Daughter

I currently have the following pages on the internet

My hypnotherapy site and blog

My main focus is Melodic Rock band Praying Mantis.

I also do pages for Lyadrive who’s drummer I got to know as a fan of Praying Mantis

I maintain the 2nd Braintree and Bocking Air Scout Group website. I am also Group Scout Leader there.

Other Interests

  • Computers. I love playing with software and checking out the latest stuff
  • I have a bash at playing a Yahama WX-5 Wind Controller. This is basically a stick that plays like a Saxophone. It connects to a Yahama VL70-m Tone Generator and this can produced 256 different factory set voices plus other uploadable sounds. I got it as I used to play Sax and Clarinet as a teenager but was pitch-wise hence this is in the non music interest section!). Being an electric instrument I can practice in silence. Since getting it I have tried a Clarinet again.
  • I play Surdo with Essex Samba Band
  • Pinball – Check out Pro Pinball
  • Bridge – I enjoy playing Bridge on my Psion handheld PC and used to arrange games at work. I have never been very good though.
  • Reading – I don’t get as much time for reading as I would like. My all time favourite novel is Woman In White by Wilkie Collins and my favourite author is probably John Wyndham. I normally write reviews of the books I have read.
  • My Family Tree and The Origins of the name Hinchliffe
  • Camping
  • Motorcycle riding (not the Bikes themselves)
  • Hill Walking


At the time of this update (10/10/09) I suffer from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. However I feel I am now 80% over this. You will need to jump to my ME/Hypnotherapy pages for my current status. My ME page here finishes before my recovery started.