This site is place a place where I have stored my thoughts on things over the years.

27/1/12 Sadly large parts of this website’s contents are out of date. I last put serious work into it about 2006. Occasionally I am thinking of things to add however

Who Am I?


I am just a typical middle aged person from Essex.

I have a hypnotherapy site and blog

My main focus is Melodic Rock band Praying Mantis.

I also do pages for Lyadrive who’s drummer I got to know as a fan of Praying Mantis

I maintain the 2nd Braintree and Bocking Air Scout Group website. I am also Group Scout Leader there.

Other Interests


  • I have a bash at playing a Yahama WX-5 Wind Controller. This is basically a stick that plays like a Saxophone. It connects to a Yahama VL70-m Tone Generator and this can produced 256 different factory set voices plus other uploadable sounds. I got it as I used to play Sax and Clarinet as a teenager but was pitch-wise hence this is in the non music interest section!). Being an electric instrument I can practice in silence. Since getting it I have tried a Clarinet again.
  • Reading – I don’t get as much time for reading as I would like. My all time favourite novel is Woman In White by Wilkie Collins and my favourite author is probably John Wyndham. I normally write reviews of the books I have read.
  • My Family Tree and The Origins of the name Hinchliffe



  • Camping
  • Hill Walking



At the time of this update (10/10/09) I suffer from ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. However I feel I am now 80% over this. You will need to jump to my ME/Hypnotherapy pages for my current status. My ME page here finishes before my recovery started.

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  1. hi jon
    great praying mantis website.saw them saturday and so am wondering why the website has the old drummer who i understand left a year ago?

  2. my grandfather and graet grandfather were lightermen and keel workers alfred hinchcliffe for his signiture had made a x mark but my grandfather signed hinchsliff and my mum and brother and sisters were all spelt hinchsliff,having read your very intersting article i wouldnt be surprised if we might be ancestors we are in and around lincoln and hull .

  3. My maiden name was Hinchliffe and my father Herbert Hinchliffe (also my grandfather’s name) came from Glossop!! Sometime ago I met a man with the same surname and he had done a thesis on the name Hinchliffe at University…a copy resides somewhere in my loft!! I live both in Wiltshire and just outside Brighton. I have a brother Stephen who lives in Sweden and I have four children (two of each!!) I am a family law barrister and practise in Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London. When I retire….when!! I want to research my family tree and I will find your work invaluable. BTW I hope you have now fully recovered. Would love to hear from you sometime.
    all best wishes Sandria

    1. I am really replying because I always thought that I was the only person in the world to have the name Sandria that is why I usually go by the name Sandy as nobody believes it’s my correct name!!!! Not sure where my mother got the name from as I was born in 1944.

      1. Hi,
        How strange the same name…..I know how I became called this….it was because my parents had their honeymoon in Alexandria! and when I came along some years later they decided on sandria. I have always thought I was unique….but obviously not!! I was born in 1946……I wonder if our mothers knew each other?? My mothers maiden name was Elaine Barrett and she was a wren during the war. Do get in touch…..did you go in this site because of the surname Hinchliffe (my father). Would love to hear from you have given my email address, Sandria

  4. Hello, my name’s Benn Henchliffe, your page taught me much about the different variations of the name, i am from Derby in the East Midlands, and there are many Henchliffe’s in this area and south Yorkshire.

    1. Benn. I’m also from Derby and my great grandmother was a Henchliffe. Her father was born in 1831 in Mackworth village. Have you done much family history research?

      1. I haven’t myself, my grandad has and from what he found out he says the first Henchliffes to derby was a priest at the church in Mackworth villiage. I’ll have to find out some information myself, I’m surprised hpw many Henchliffes there are in the area!

        1. I have got quite a bit of info about the Henchliffes, in Victorian Mackworth. I know about the vicars, and just can’t join them up with my ancestors, who were definately in Mackworth, by the late 18th century. There’s a kind of 100 year gap, which is frustrating

  5. Hello. My name is Eileen Quinn and I live in Ontario, Canada. Thank you for the information on the Hinchliffe name, it’s variants and origins. I have been researching my mother’s maternal branch. My grandmother’s name was Alice Hinchliffe, born in Workington, Cumberland. Her parents were John and Mary Hinchliffe. John was born in Stockport, Cheshire about 1853. He lived in Workington at the time his children were born. That is as far as I have gotten. I would love to hear from family researching the same ancestors. Thanks again, Jon!

  6. Hi, I’m names Chloe Hinchliffe i live in Australia although i was born in Leeds, my father is Yorkshire man. Its funny reading about this information, we’ve visited Holmfirth and Kirkburton (were my Grandparents Grew up and lived respectively) and joked about our families long lost ancestors of the past. My grandfather did similar research around 20 years ago or so although it was mainly restricted to in and around Holmfirth and he managed to go back a far as later 1700s i think. Its been really great reading up on this stuff and some of the similar things that my Granddad has told me about our families heritage. Thanks Jon!

    1. Hello Chloe,
      My name is Marion Burchell. I live in Australia too.
      My family line is Hinchliffe/Wells on my maternal side. I have looked up the Hinchliffe info a cousin has collected as far back as the 1700’s. This bit may interest you as Kirkburton is mentioned.
      John Hinchliffe born 06.01.1776, Mold Green Kirkheaton Yorkshire. Married Hannah Collier, born September 1780 Almondbury Yorkshire. The marriage took place 22.03.1801 in Kirkburton Yorkshire.
      John was the son of John Hinchliffe and Betty Robinson.
      Hannah, the daughter of John Collier and Ellen Broadhead.
      I also have a handwritten notation I have made of Sarah Hinchliffe, 1749, Kirkburton, Lydgate, West Yorkshire, but not sure where she fits in.
      To recent times,My mother was Margaret Parker Hinchliffe (died Nov 2009)- daughter of Violet Boll and George Alfred Hinchliffe. My family emigrated to Australia in 1958. I live in Queensland. Best Wishes, Marion Burchell.

  7. Happened to be strolling through the internet and came across the Praying Mantis website. Brought back found memories for me – Summer of 1981, I am from Texas and as a high school 17 year old I got to go with a university English student group to London (professor was my best friend’s dad). My friend and I hit many, many record stores trying to find as many records/artists we could not find in the states. We stayed in a university dorm in London and there was an old record player in the basement. I remember so well buying Praying Mantis’s first full album – the art on the cover was crazy, the music of the album was infectious. I was just really getting into the Kinks at that time and the Mantis version of ‘All Day. . . .’ was awesome. Again, just reflecting back on great times from 30+ years ago.

    1. It is shocking to think it is so long ago now. I wonder how many times I have played the album over the years. I still don’t tire of it. There were several albums from that sort of time that stuck me.

      I wonder if my mind was more receptive to music back than. I do fine recent stuff I love playing but it is interesting how some old stuff has really stuck. Having said that there is stuff I used to love and if I played it again I would still like but I don’t often play now.

  8. I am also a hinchcliff from New Jersey USA. My descendant was John Hinchcliff who came here to USA to Massachuesetts with his father John senior in 1819. This is all documented and they came from Huddersfield near Sheffield. My maiden name is hinchcliff and I was born in Mass. near Boston in the late 60’s. I am one of 5 in our family and my descendants have been here in america since 1819. I came across your site just searching the family name and wanted to reach out to you. I think it is great and so important what you are doing and the connections mean so much. I feel we are all pieces to great puzzle of life and we fit together from our family lines. My name is alison and you can contact me back if you would like. I hope you are in receipt of this and I will hear back from you soon. Thank you again.

  9. Please could you tell me if you know any information about John Hinchcliffe/Hinchliffe,born C.1830,he fathered a child by Naomi Broadhead of Methley,West Riding of Yorkshire,he was killed at Whitwood Colliery in 1853,his son Joseph Broadhead Hinchcliffe/Hinchliffe,my 2X Great-Grandfather, was born in Methley later in 1853,I can find no information as to his place of birth,any ideas?,Thank You,Nick.

  10. Hello,

    My father Cedric Hinchliffe was born in Sheffied in 1939. His father was born in 1901 and was called William Kay Hinchliffe, his brother, my great uncle played for Sheffield Wednesday for a while.
    My dad settled in Norwich which I where I am based.
    My great uncle Alf legally changed his name from Hinchliffe to Hinchcliffe, not sure why so now we have both spellings in the family. His son and grandsons are all still in Sheffield.

  11. I am looking for a brother and sister Mark an Louise Hinchliffe from 11 Callis Way Penistone – its in connection with their great auntie Joan Roeubck from Wortley that died recently – they have vanished and i need to contact them. Are you related? thanks

  12. Morning Jon, I have just read your History of the Hinchcliffe name around Holmfirth in Yorkshire. My 3rd great grandfather was Amos Hinchcliffe born in Holmfirth in 1794 who married Jane Barraclough. There were several children, amongst them Hannah, Jonathan, Benjamin, Amos and William. William and Amos Jnr migrated to Australia. Amos was my 2nd great grand father who married Jessie Janet Brown from Clackmananshire. After Jane’s death their father Amos joined them in Australia. My grandfather was also Amos and one of his daughters, Florence, was my grandmother. Amos 111 was a landowner at Lexton, Victoria in the goldfields area. My family tree on the Hinchcliffe side goes back to George born 1670 whose son John was born in 1695. I have very little information on these two forebears. I know all Amos and Jane’s family worked in the Woollen Mills around Wooldale. I would be grateful for any information anyone could provide to help the gaps.
    Regards, Liz

    1. Hi Liz
      My relatives Amos Hinchcliffe who married Jane had a son Edwin in 1817 and Edwin moved to Australia in1840. My Hinchcliffe relatives settle in hunter valley New South Wales Australia. They had the first flour mill in the Maitland area.
      I am trying to out information as we coming to England in October and my Mum is wanting to see the area where they were lived.

  13. Good Morning, Jon. I’m trying to follow up on an ancestor, Hannah Hinchliff, who married a Nicholas Hands in Oxford in 1781. But there aren’t any Hinchliffs in Oxfordshire who could be her parents, or indeed any other relation. Hannah’s age on her burial record works out to a date of birth in 1755 or 1756. So could she be the Hannah Hinchliff born in Holmfirth 10/5/1755? And if so, how did she come to be in Oxford?
    Nicholas, by the way, is listed as ‘milkman’ in an 1834 register of electors for Oxford, but obviously prosperous as he owned land in various places in Oxfordshire.

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